June and July Shows

I’ve got some performances coming up in June and July:

6/21/17: Thicket with Yard at Turn Turn Turn. Thicket plays rarely and is my longest running Portland project. Come watch us get weird as part of the CMG’s Outset Series. Yard (formerly modernassjazzsingers) is incredible and not to be missed.

6/26/17: Halfbird with Wolf Rojas (Mike Gamble and Fabian Rucker) at the Waypost. Halfbird will be loud. Definitely bring earplugs. Mike and Fabian are monster musicians.

6/30/17: The Improvisation Summit of Portland at Disjecta with Dewey Mahood, Fred Chanelor and TJ Thompson. I have the honor of being asked to play this festival which I helped start and have run every year except this one. I’ve never played with any of these musicians and I’m really looking forward to exploring new territory.

7/17/17: Halfbird at the Know with Tig Bitty, Body Shame and Roadkill and the Pricks. We’re so stoked to be playing the Know again and for the first time in its new space. I love this spot. We play first at 8:40 exactly. The Know is awesome and keeps everyone on schedule so if you show up at 9, you’ll have missed us.

Anyone want to find a show for It’s OK, Girl to perform one more time before Danielle moves to Chicago?


Winter, woodshed

Playing an It’s OK, Girl (Danielle Ross with movement, me with sax) show with buddies Sporting & Thick in the Throat, Honey at Leaven Community on 1/28. IO,G very rarely performs. Who knows when we’ll do it again? This is going to be a good one.
I was able to spend some quality time with my horn this winter which has been invigorating. Some long sought after sounds are popping out of my horn. Why now? Why not 10 years ago when I was working on this? Who knows? It’s been exciting to suddenly make some progress.
Look for a new Halfbird recording soon. And maybe some other surprises.

Performances updated

I’ve done a poor job updating this lately but as of today, the performance page is updated. The past year has included some pretty special highlights including releases by both Alma Freer and Halfbird as well as some solo shows and an opportunity to play with Ava Mendoza as part of Halfbird. More fun stuff in the works.

Some shows.

Halfbird played a show on 3/7 at Gallery 1412 in Seattle with Uneasy Chairs, Contact Mike, Bacillus and Andrew Tomasello. Some pictures & video at this link. Big thanks to Patrick of Uneasy Chairs for making this happen,

We also played at the Liquor Store on SE Belmont on 3/8 with our friends Doug Theriault and The Crenshaw. Best sets by both those bands I’ve seen. It’s a nice sounding room with a serious sound system. Playing music for even two nights in a row is such a gift.

Compositions by Doug Theriault

Some time last year Doug Theriault asked me to do a little recording for the soundtrack he was making for a new Linda Austin piece. This was a big deal. Doug and Linda are both Portland institutions. Doug’s made a lot of amazing music in his time and Linda who, in addition to being a wonderful choreographer and performer, is also a huge supporter of the arts. Now the soundtrack is available on Bandcamp and all proceeds go to Performance Works Northwest, Linda’s non-profit arts organization. If you can, throw a few sheckles in the jar for some great music (John Savage, Catherine Lee, Kyleen King, Juniana Lanning, Leo Daedalus,  Mark Owens, Doug Theriault) and to support a crucial organization.


Alma Freer just came back from an incredibly short “tour”. We played Olympia at the Northern with Malakait dan Singa, Arc ov Light and Ruby Fray and we played The Blue Scorcher in Astoria with Gregg Skloff, Turtle and Andrew Weathers/Ryan P. Jobes. Great shows. Thanks so much to everyone who made that happen. Really wish we had the Northern and Blue Scorcher here in Portland. Also Fort George. And the sea lions.