Two July Shows

I’ve got two shows lined up for July:

Number One:

7/19: FANfare at PWNW. 6:30 – 10.

an adventurous—and FREE—neighborhood art party energizing our studio and spilling out into the yard under the canopy of our giant Doug Fir.

6PM – Midnight — Stop by anytime || Come and go as you please || Take in some art, chat with neighbors, friends and strangers and enjoy a beer on us!

6:30-10 PM

  • Mini-performances of improvised dance + music: Expert improvisers in music and sound offer intermittent mix & match duos, trios and quartets both inside and outside the studio.
  • B.Y.O.B [Bring Your Own Beamer]: Freeform looping and live-mixed video projected on every wall and surface. Local video artists fill the space with images and sounds, interrupted by occasional screenings. BYOB is ongoing, overlapping and intersecting with music and performance.
  • Installation/Performance in our vintage Silver Streak trailer

10 PM-12:00 AM DJ + dancing with ACID FARM!


PERFORMERS: Linda Austin, Jin Camou, Douglas Detrick, Luke Gutgsell, Ben Kates, Noel Plemmons, Danielle Ross, Grace Hwang
BYOB VIDEO ARTISTS (curated by Seth Nehil): Karl Lind, Julie Perini, Ben Glas, Chaz Stobbs III, Stephen Miller, and Meg McHutchison

Number Two

7/20 at KINCAINYA – 625 NW Everett St Apt 104


Ellery Eskelin

Ben Kates/Brandon Conway

Not Bitter