2/29/19: Halfbird with Wally Shoup & Friends (Doug Theriault – Guitar, Don Ciavereni – Bass, Alan Cook – Drums), Olsen Twins Ghostlight Ensemble (Scott Eave – Guitar, Kyle Linneman – Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Austin Rich – Soundscapes, Kevin Van Walk – Percussion & Sound)
12/21/19: Minnie Driver at S1 with Floom and Sielaff/Wyland
12/8/19: Halfbird at the Waypost with Patrick McCulley and Starshop Infinity
10/15/19: Halfbird at No Fun with the Social Stomach, Starship Infinity, Winnie Black, Galaxy Research
9/28/19: Halfbird at Waypost with Floom and Sorry Guys
9/6/19: Halfbird at Boathouse Microcinema with Winnie Black, Chibi, Library Studies, Clamber
8/19/19: Halfbird at Turn Turn Turn with TEVLIN and Clamber
7/7/19: Halfbird at No Fun with Electro-Kraken, Body Shame
5/26/19: Halfbird at the Alternative Library with the Social Stomach, Dead Air Fresheners, Death Mask, and Tarsier Eyes.
5/25/19: Halfbird at Hollow Earth in Seattle with the Social Stomach, Raica, Preyer
5/24/19: Halfbird at 2nd Cycle in Tacoma with the Social Stomach, Laughter has Long Legs 
5/23/19: Halfbird at Tomorrow Records with the Social Stomach and Trash
5/17/19: Halfbird at the Cobra Lounge with Hearts of Oak, Whim, Voices of the Sea
2/15/19: Halfbird at Boathouse Microcinema Sea Moss, the Social Stomach, Clamber
2/5/19: Halfbird at No Fun with Nate Kairns and Plains
2/2/19: Thicket at the Firkin Tavern, Floom, Jason Traeger

8/10/18: Halfbird at the Highwater Mark with The Sheen, the Crenshaw
5/28/18: Halfbird at Turn Turn Turn with Floom and U Sco
5/27/18: Halfbird in Bellingham, Wa
5/26/18: Halfbird at Gallery 1412 with Radon Daughters, Walrus Machine
5/25/18: Halfbird at the Hemp House in Tacoma with Are They Brothers?, Butterflies of Death, Freshwater Octopus
5/17/2018: Halfbird at the World Famous Kenton Club with the Vardaman Ensemble, The Multiverse Ensemble
4/22/18: Minnie Driver at the Fixin To with The Crenshaw,
1/14/18: Halfbird at the Know with Yardsss and Volcanic Pinnacles

11/30/17: Halfbird at the World Famous Kenton Club with The Crenshaw, Crowley, Two Crows Fighting,
11/7/17: Halfbird at the Know with the Cambrian Explosion, Toim, Body Shame
11/3/18: Minnie Driver at Mothership
7/17/17: Halfbird at the Know
6/30/17: The Improvisation Summit of Portland at Disjecta with Dewey Mahood, Fred Chanelor and TJ Thompson
6/26/17: Halfbird with Wolf Rojas (Mike Gamble and Fabian Rucker) at the Waypost
6/21/17: Thicket with Yard at Turn Turn Turn
5/23/17: Minnie Driver (Niekrasz/Holland/Kates) with Flowers on Loan at Mothership Music
1/28/17: It’s OK, Girl at Leaven Community with Sporting and Thicket in the Throat, Honey.

12/9/16: Halfbird with Modernassjazzsingers, Institute for Creative Dying
11/30/16: John Niekrasz’s Orchestra becomes radicalized at Holocene with the Ian Christensen Quartet and Visible Cloakes
10/14/16: Thicket at The Firkin Tavern with Vulturz, & Lord Becky
8/14/16: Thicket house show with Like a Villain, Abronia
8/4/16: Halfbird at The World Famous Kenton Club with Toim, Kululu, and Bohr
7/31/16: solo at Valentines with Like at Villain, Mike Gamble/Andrew Jones and Owen Stewart-Robinson
7/21/16: Halfbird at Turn Turn Turn with Ryan Miller, Kevin Hufnagel and Zvi
6/12/16: Halfbird at Turn Turn Turn with Sky is the Suitcase
6/3/16: Halfbird with Ava Mendoza at Disjecta for The Improvisation Summit of Portland
4/17/16: Alma Freer tape release show at Turn Turn Turn with Juniana Lanning and ALTO!

12/7/15: in John Niekrasz’s Orchestra Becomes Radicalized at Holocene with AMANI
9/23/15: Thicket at Revival with John Niekrasz solo
9/12/15: Alma Freer at Brekkens for No Fest
8/30/15: Solo at Valentines with I’d Rather Not Talk about It and Mike Gamble
7/11/15: Alma Freer at Culmination Brewing
5/26/15: Halfbird at Valentines with Newman / Schonberg / Reyna |Astral Pork Display|Dolphin
5/3/15: Alma Freer at The Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum with Prime Meridian, Beauty School, WAPP
4/19/15: joined CATFISH in their release show at PerformanceWork Northwest
4/17/15: Halfbird at The Know with Bombay Beach and Comm
3/8/15: Halfbird at the Liquor Store
3/7/15: Halfbird at Gallery 1412 in Seattle

12/28/14: Halfbird at Habesha
10/7/14: Alma Freer at the Know
10/2/14: Alma Freer at Slims
9/17/14: Halfbird at Revival Drum Shop
8/15/14: ALma Freer at The Blue Scorcher in Astoria
8/14/14: Alma Freer at the Northern in Olympia
8/9/14: Duo with Vanessa Vogel at CYMA Space
7/20/14: Alma Freer at Kincainya
7/19/14: FanFare with Luke Gutgsell, Danielle Ross, Jin Camou, Noel Plemmons, Elise Knudson, Linda Austin, Doug Detrick at PerformanceWorks Northwest
6/7/14: Duo with Luke Gutgsell at the Improvisation Summit of Portland at Sandbox Studio
4/2/14:  Elliot Ross Trio (Scott Cutshall, John Gross, Elliot Ross) at the Outset Series at Revival Drum Shop
2/5/14: It’s OK, Girl and collaborations with Matt Hannafin and Catherine Lee at The Outset Series at Revival Drum Shop
1/26/14: Collaborations with Han Bennink, Mary Oliver, Danielle Ross, Brandon Conway, Dana Reason, Catherine Lee at the Redeemer Lutheran Church

11/30/13: It’s OK, Girl at Multiplex Gallery
11/2/13: Brother Donkey (Experimental Portland Presents) at Ash Street Saloon
5/31 & 6/1/13: The Improvisation Summit of Portland with the Why I Must Be Careful Big Band, The William Hooker Large Ensemble and John C. Savage, Catherine Lee, Tere Mathern & Jim McGinn
5/13/13: It’s OK, Girl, Bad Luck, Battle Hymns and Gardens at The Piano Fort
4/15/13: Brother Donkey at Langano Lounge
4/9/13: Brother Donkey at Valentine’s
3/28/13: Brother Donkey at the Piano Fort